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State Theater Saarbruecken

led-video-display-board-2 O09-2014 - A LED video-display board for flexible use on stage or outside the theater.

LED-Video-Display-Board in Modulconstruction for a flexible use inside oder outside the Theater
Six LED-Videomodule
Adress: D-66111 Saarbruecken
Physical Pixeldistance: 10 mm
Maximale Brightness: aprox. 7500 cd/m²

This LED video-display board is used in the Staatstheater of Saarbruecken as subtitle display

In this case, the modules are then operated in a row as LED video wall with 5,760 mm x 480 mm display area. ACT delivered together with the display with the corresponding subtitle Theater Software. Online can be viewed here the prepared text on the LED video-display board, convinced the ease of use of the software.

Fully flexible assembly for the creative use on stage

The LED video-display board can not be used as subtitles LED display, LED video modules can be assembled and operated in any configuration. Creativity has no limits here, whether as video stairs when LED tower, classic as LED video wall in the 3: 2 Format... anything is possible!

This LED video-display board is also suitable for the uncompromising outdoor use!

The supplied version is completely weatherproof. The LED pixel maps are completely encapsulated. Back special scoops on the air intakes ensure that even in strong wind and heavy rain, no moisture can penetrate into the interior of the video modules. With a brightness of 7,000 cd / m², the LED video-display board is absolutely sunlight readable, best image quality in all conditions is ensured. A dimmer automatically controls the actual brightness according to the ambient light. He can also be disabled by software, so the headlights can not affect the brightness of the video wall when used on stage.
If the LED video wall is not being used on the stage, it is planned that it makes the outside area for the theater advertising

Current Event announcement and advertising for the theater and its sponsors, both are possible. The LED video wall is an absolute eye-catcher and draws everyone's attention. With the fine 10mm physical pixel spacing outstanding image quality is also only 8-10 m distance already given. This project will run for an ACT-partners in Germany, the new LED video-display board is passed to the Staatstheater of Saarbruecken in September 2014.